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Lucky Dragon Treasure Pot (Human Grade Quality)

Lucky Dragon Treasure Pot (Human Grade Quality)

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Traditional Treasure Pot For Dogs 


We are back with 4th year in our CNY Treasure Pots Delicacy.  

Ready to eat treasure pot served in Quality Japanese Claypot , able to reheat over fire with Pork Collagen Broth included. 

Lucky Dragon Treasure Pot

Small (Serves 1-2 pax)

🈵2 x Abalone
🈵2 x Fresh Prawns
🈵2 x Salmon
🈵2 x Fresh Scallops
🈵2 x Green Lipped Mussels
➕Pork Shabu
➕Dried Scallops

➕Goji Berries

➕FREE Tonkatsu Dang Gui (Ginseng) Pork Bone Broth with Wolfberry

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