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Tender Cranberry Turkey (150 Grams)

Tender Cranberry Turkey (150 Grams)

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Featuring Xmas Specials.

Indulge in Mum Mum Gourmet's Premium dog food brand latest Xmas limited edition Tender Cranberry Turkey meal. Made from protein rich tender grounded turkey breast meat , juicy grade A asparagus with a splash of australian pumpkin and highly anti-oxidant cranberry bits topped with fragrant rosemary Herbs.
How much more of a Xmas love you could ever ask for.

Seasonal Specials only for Festive Period Only.

Available in

Per Packet , 1 Packet x 150 Grams

Per week , 7 Packets x 150 Grams

2 weeks , 14 Packets x 150 Grams (5% discount applied)

3 weeks 21 Packets x 150 Grams (7% discount applied)

4 weeks 28 Packets x 150 Grams (10% discount applied)

Available in 2 months Subscription Plan at 15% off (Under Meals Subscription)

 , 56 Packets x 150 Grams over x2 Free Delivery