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•Made in New Zealand
•Premium New Zealand grass-fed cow’s milk U •Gluten-free
•Low allergies U High Protein
•Low fat
•Easily digestible U Lactose-free
•Contains Taurine, calcium and
many vitamins & minerals

A cup of milk a day makes dogs and cats less sick.


1、Why do pets need to drink milk?

Pets don't like to drink water.

①Cat: The cat originated in the desert, while the water source is a gathering place for all kinds of predators ,so cats rarely went to such a large water source to drink water ,then developed the habit of drawing water from food gradually . Because cats don't like to drink water, which leads to decreased urination,many cats are prone to kidney disease, urinary diseases because urine accumulation in the body for a long time.

②Dogs: dogs are more likely to drink water than cats, but they also drink less water ,because the quality of water is poor , mouth problems and seasonal changes, especially in winter and other factors , which will lead to kidney problems.

Replacing water with milk: It can meet some of the pet's drinking water needs, reduce the problem that pet do not like drinking water, and reduce the incidence of diseases.


 2、Why choose milk instead of goat milk or milk powde

Palatability: cats and dogs like milk. Goat milk tastes heavier and the palatability is worse than milk.


①goat's milk is a product with high protein, high fat and low lactose, which is more suitable for puppies and kittens as the supplement of milk substitute nutrition ; because of its high fat characteristics, it is not suitable for adult and elderly pets to drink, could not be drunk everyday, it will increase the burden of the pet's kidney,if drinking for a long time, which will lead to high blood pressure, high blood fat and other diseases.

②compared with goat's milk, milk has less fat content, and milk protein is more easily absorbed. It is a nutriment that can be drunk every day.

Convenience: milk powder mixing and tableware disinfection will increase the workload of each master, and if the disinfection work is not done well,that will be a danger to the health of the pet.


3、Why choose zeal milk

Lactose Free: zeal uses low-temperature lactose hydrolysis technology and artificial addition of lactase to break down lactose in milk completely without destroying other nutrients, so as to achieve true zero lactose. [milk itself has the characteristics of high lactose, but dogs and cats generally have the characteristics of lactose intolerance, such as diarrhea caused by drinking milk without lactose]

Nutrition reaches human food level:

①the raw material of whole milk is the same as that of human milk;

ZEAL milk is made from whole milk,nutrients are not lost, and the raw milk for human consumption is whole milk. There are whole milk powders on the market, that is made by fresh milk which through disinfecting, dehydrating and spray-drying . After a series of treatments, volatile fats and vitamins are reduced,nutrients are lost.

②The energy and protein content reaches the level of human food;

Easy to absorb: Due to the long fat chain in milk, the digestion and absorption rate of milk by pets is about 48%. The addition of vegetable oil (sunflower oil) to Zeal milk can help pets digest and absorb fat, reducing gastrointestinal discomfort.

More nutrition: ZEAL milk adds taurine, vitamin E, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and other nutrients . Taurine protects the development of cat's retinal photoreceptor cell  and could also promote the development of puppies and kittens' brains, promote the absorption of fats, reduce the burden on the kidneys, and enhances immunity; Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps to delay aging. B vitamins could promote metabolism, enhance the function of the immune system and nervous system, and promote nutritional balance.

Recommended milk intake in combination with your pet’s daily food regime.

Average Quantity Per Day


500gr  140ml

1kg       250ml 

Adult & Senior Dogs 

0-2.5kg  80ml