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Storage & Consumption!

Storage and Preparing for consumption

1) Once received have the frozen meal packet placed in Freezer. (3 Months Shelf Life to maintain its freshness)

2) Heat up the meal by placing the meal packet in hot water 2-5 Mins / 10 Mins for bigger packets from 300 Grams and above.

Alternatively Defrost in room temperature water , pour out to microwave/steam.

3) Ready to Serve warm!

*To get the best out of it, we recommend that you heat it up for your furkid to savour the food*


Extra guidelines

1) For remaining opened packet, best advised to be consumed within same day. 

2) Meals that are heated up should not be refrozen.


*Food Packets can be stored up safely 3-5 days in the Fridge and up to 3 months in the freezer*