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Storage & Consumption!

Storage and Preparing for consumption

1) Once received have the fresh(You may receive fresh form if we have just freshly prepared)/frozen meal packet placed in Freezer. (3 Months Shelf Life to maintain its freshness)

2) Heat up the meal by placing the meal packet in hot water 2-5 Mins / 10 Mins for bigger packets from 300 Grams and above.

Alternatively Defrost in room temperature water , pour out to microwave/steam.

3) Ready to Serve warm!

*To get the best out of it, we recommend that you heat it up for your furkid to savour the food*


Extra guidelines

1) For remaining opened packet, best advised to be consumed within same day if not latest the next day in a chiller/fridge.

2) Meals that are heated up should not be refrozen.


*Food Packets can be stored up safely about 3 days in the Fridge and up to 3 months in the freezer*