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Kangaroo meal for dog

Hypoallergenic Kangaroo

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Food Packet Sizes (Gross Weight)* :

150 grams (For 2kg dog) Per Day

Each packet of food weighing 150 grams that is measured precisely to suit a 2kg dog weight requirement per day


Per Day = 1 Packet

1 Week Supply = 7 Packets

1 Month Supply = 30 Packets


Key benefits: 

  • Kangaroo Meat has more protein per serving than most other protein sources.

  • Lean, high quality novel protein source, easy digestible and packed with numerous amino acids that is essential for dogs.   

  • Rich in healthy fats and less bad fats compared to other meat proteins.         

  • Good for Dogs With Food Sensitivities
  • Filled with essential vitamins like B12 and Niacin which is great for neuro health and energy level. Also contains Zinc and Iron which helps to improve immune system and important for good coat and skin health.


Ingredients: Minced Kangaroo Loin, Broccoli, Thai Yam, Mixed Herbs

Protein 44% . Fats 6% . Carbohydrates 50%


*Due to meals packing done manually , do expect a +0 - +5 grams allowance in total gross weight

Kangaroo meal for dog