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Venison Meat for dogs

Mixed Herbs Grassfed Venison

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Food Packet Sizes:

150 grams (For 2kg dog) Per Day = Each packet of food weighing 150 grams that is measured precisely to suit a 2kg dog weight requirement per day

Key benefits: 

  •  Fantastic Source of Vitamins & Minerals

  • Zinc and iron to support a healthy immune system and organ function , Loaded with vitamins K, A , C and Calcium for the teeth , bone and joints.     

  • Better energy level               

  • Good for Dogs With Food Sensitivities
  • Moisturize Skin & Coat ,  Encourage Digestive Regularity , Aid in Weight Loss and Can Help Naturally Control Parasites.


Ingredients: Grass-fed Venison , Kale , Aussie Pumpkin , Mixed herbs

Protein 35% . Fats 25% . Carbohydrates 39.7%