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ShopThePaw Mahjong Snuffle Mat Set
ShopThePaw Mahjong Snuffle Mat Set

ShopThePaw Mahjong Snuffle Mat Set

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ShopThePaw Mahjong Snuffle Mat Set

Who else love to play Mahjong? we heard that the normal mahjong is not safe for our pets, so we got to make it Pet-SAFE right!?

Our mahjong table set come with 4 Squeaky Nosework Mahjong tiles. use it to toss around play fetch or hide some of your fav treats into the pocket and snuffle out the single tile.

How to play our Mahjong?

- Lay the Mahjong cloth nicely on the floor

- Hide all the treats on the snuffle mat and tiles, make sure you add enough

- Don't worry! this Mahjong can be played alone, or you can invite your kakis and play it with your mahjong kakis, see who eat the most!


Mahjong Mat: 48cm*48cm

Tiles: 7.5cm * 10cm * 6.5cm

Mahjong Snuffle Mat was designed before CNY, however our manufacture company close due to pandemic outbreak and we only receive the products in May!

ShopThePaw Mahjong Snuffle Mat Set