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Healthy Diet Fish For Dogs
Fresh Meat for Dogs
Fresh Meat for Dogs

Subscription Plan 20% Disc (Minimum of 3 Months Supply of Protein Bowls)

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Fishy Bowls

Consist of 7 x Dory Fish, 7 x Salmon Chunks , 7 x Tuna Flakes , 7 x Barrumundi Fish


Meaty Cube Bowls

Consist of 7 x Beef Cubes , 7 x Mutton Leg Cubes , 7 x Kangaroo Cubes , 7 x Venison Cubes


Minced Bowls

Consist of 7 x Minced Lean Beef , 7 x Minced Lean Lamb , 7 x Minced Duck Breast , 7 x Minced Lean Pork


Subscription Plan  20% off

(Orders would be monthly delivery of 28 bowls and monthly payments)

(Strictly minimum 3 months of orders with no CANCELLATION or REFUND ***)

Fresh Meat for Dogs