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Zee.Dog Neopro Waterproof Apex Collar
Zee.Dog Neopro Waterproof Apex Collar

Zee.Dog Neopro Waterproof Apex Collar

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The NeoPro™ Dog collar is Zee.Dog's newest launch. This new collar was built with a NeoPro™ rubber overlay that protects the Polyester making it extremely weather proof and super easy to clean and maintain. The buckle has a 4 point locking system and the collar can be fully adjusted to fit your dog's neck. 

  • Made of soft and resistant teteron polyester
  • Fully adjustable
  • Soft on your dog’s fur
  • Buckle built with a 4-point lock system for added safety
  • Crisp and bright colors
  • Rubber logo protects stitches for longer durability

  • Width

    • Small 0.6 in
    • Medium 0.8 in
    • Large 1 in


    • Small 12.2 - 17 in
    • Medium 14.5 - 20.8 in
    • Large 17.7 - 27.5 in


    Zee.Dog Neopro Waterproof Apex Collar